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Ram Navami turns Bengal to a holy battleground

The situation is out of the frying pan into the fire and we talking of the Indian state of West Bengal. One of the two states partitioned during the horrific civil wars of 1946 -47 leading to the Indian independence and from then on, the state has never been silent till date. Feeling betrayed by the Congress policies at the center, the state gradually to the Communist fold for almost four decades, supplanted by the Trinammol Congress in the end. However, there has been a change of state too..Bengal known for virulent political clashes is transforming into a cauldron of communalism joined by worst confrontations only. Ram Navami, celebrated of late in the state does remain a brilliant testimony to this brutal reality. Not only Islamists were seen to assail without any provocation but the blithe unconcern of the state administration amazed votaries of democratic thoughts also. Though ultimately, Hindus were found to wage a desperate struggle for existence, they have been termed as criminals by the ruling party or Trinammol. Tough days are ahead indeed.  

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