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Adipurush denigrates “Ramayana”

There is hardly any doubt to the fact that creativity, innovation are of greatest importance to improve the human civilization. No nation or race can even proceed, not to speak of progress without it. And it’s no novel or modern phenomenon. Even in the ancient days, whether in India or Europe, innovation was quite common and known to be the cardinal factor for development. But here also limitation does exist and it mustn’t be violated or else the contravention can lead to a catastrophe. What’s the most modern instance of such a catastrophe? It’s the mythological action movie “Adipurush”, based on the globally acclaimed Hindu epic “Ramayana”. The film was released of late and has encountered castigation from the very first day of its show at movie theatres. Hindus of all hues and walks of life have reprimanded it in unison and termed it as the worst travesty of “Ramayana” till date.  What’s the main reason of violating limitations in this respect?

Try to know this from the video presentation of “Ved Science & Maths”,

Log – in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqzJbbRiOac

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