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Uniform Civil Code is a subject of citizenry, not of religion – Pasmanda Muslims

The recent verbal spat on the Uniform Civil Code has touched the Pasmanda Muslims in the length and breadth of India and this has been learnt from the eminent representative of the community in this video presentation. Now the question remains who are the Pasmanda Muslims, a term weird to the majority of Indians indeed. Well, Pasmanda Muslims is a novel identity to integrate Dalit Muslims (Arzals) and Backward-caste Mulims or Ajlafs. You may get shocked to know this stunning reality that caste and class differences are found in Islam too. The reality is not determined by propaganda only – this is the only answer for you at the moment. Pasmanda Muslims are not ready to determine UCC as any anti-Muslim bias and do refuse to analyze it from any communal angle though there is no end to such viewpoint there. The Constitution of India must be held atop anything and UCC must remain a subject of citizenry.

Know more from the report of “Pyara BHARAT”,

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