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Dreadful Islamist brutality on Dalit youth in Bengaluru

Well, this is no fiction but a stunning, crude reality. Not only, are Hindus in the Indian state of West Bengal undergoing Islamic marauders but various corners of the rest of the country also. And what’s of Bangalore or Bengaluru, the IT capital of India? Hindus inhabiting there are having harrowing experiences as well. Contrary to the belief of any sane individual, a 26-year old Dalit youth was both forcibly converted and circumcised in Banashankari masjid. . He was left to bleed and when in spite of all these, he went on refusing to scrape, a beastly thrashing followed. Now, the question remains whether the Liberals and Lefts in company with umpteen human rights organizations, brisk unremittingly to espouse the Dalit issue only to abase Hinduism and its primordial maxims,  would come up to trounce this menace? Or hushed voices followed by a weird silence would continue to rule supremely?     

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